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Uppdateringar i klienten - 25 mars

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Här kommer några nyheter/uppdateringar för klienten som kommer att genomföras den 25 mars.



More Time to Think: The New Timebank Feature


From time to time, the decision to call, check, raise or fold during a betting round may be extremely tough for the player to make, and he may require just a few extra seconds to make a move he feels comfortable with. This is the purpose of the new timebank feature.


The Best Seat in the House: The Miniview Feature


In terms of perspective, the most comfortable seat at an online poker table is typically the one in the bottom center. Now the player always has the option of assuming this seat in Texas Hold’em, Omaha High and Omaha Hi-Lo cash games and in Texas Hold’em tournaments. The miniview feature allows the player to join any vacant seat at a table.When the next round begins, the table will be rotated so he views the table as if he were seated at the bottom center. The player can also select to open tables in the miniview perspective by ticking the “Start in miniview” in the lobby.


Personalized Tournament Lists


The lists of sit & go and multi-table tournaments in the poker lobby are now personalized for each player. A listed tournament is highlighted in bold if the player has either registered for it, is currently participating in it, or has competed in it.


Filtered Table and Tournament List


The lists of game tables and tournaments in the client are filtered so that only those associated with the appropriate product_id are listed, even when the player is not logged in.


More Detailed Tournament Info


The tournament Info area has been enlarged to allow players to view more detailed, scrollable information about each sit & go and multi-table tournament.


Table Menu Modifications


The menu presented from a table is now a vertically expanding list that replaces the former tabs. Each menu button can be clicked to open a moveable pop-up dialog. The pop-up dialogue can be clicked and dragged to any desired location within the table screen.


Hand Values in Chat


In chat, the dealer now describes all shown and winning hands in more detail. For example, instead of just “Three of a kind”, the dealer notes, “Three of a kind, Sixes”.


Faster Gameplay


The waiting time after the showdown has been lessened to increase the speed of the gameplay.




The ability to keep notes on specific players and mute chat messages from specific players has been relocated to the PLAYERS pop-up dialogue. The nicknames of all players that have been seated at or have observed the table while the user has been seated at the table are listed. The player can take notes on and/ or mute chat messages from all listed players, even when they are no longer at the table. A player’s avatar displays if special notes have been taken and if his chat messages have been muted.

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