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Gangstarap as sung by a pretty white girl


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Äh, texten är ju grym. Har lyssnat rätt mycket på den här den senaste dagen. :-)


Sånt här spännande man gör när man borde förbereda sig inför högskoleprovet.


Är det inte Niggers With Attitude som gjort den från början?



Här är texten om någon känner att de vill sjunga med.


I samma anda, men mindre gangsta: http://www.jonathancoulton.com/music/thingaweek/BabyGotBack.mp3

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Okej, liberal vänster christian rock från typ mid west? ;)

Jag tror inte tjejer är tillåtna inom genren, då skulle abstinensnissarna få hormonal overload och freaka ut helt.


Förresten vet ju alla att den liberala vänstern är Satans påfund så de kan ju inte köra sån musik.

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OK, den var grym. Men när kommer hennes remake av Bury you with satan? (Necro ft. Ill Bill)


Bury you with satan

Bury you with satan

Death is in your future


Im gettin outrageous on you, pullin razors on you

Blazin on you, twelve gauges on you

Amazin the ways I print your veins on you

Ill warn you I'll bring euthanasia upon you

On some shocking asia shit

Split your face and spit on your corpse, you're a goner

Wrapped stabbed flesh juxed quick and grab your neck

Bludgeon you bloody, buddy you stupid what's after death?

You must be after gettin half your body cut in half

and after the aftermath of the bloodbath I'll have my laughter

You stupid fucks'll catch crew cuts

A chainsaw'll take the top of your brain off

Stabbin the two nuts of a Ku Klux - with scalpels

My rap'll leave you shackled

My rap is like crack inside a capsule

I'll shove an axe in you where your axel

Your main point your midsection where your ribs are flexin

Infested with injections you can't get rid of the infection

Kid you're destined for the death

Dead walkin, flesh is talkin

Walkin through the streets dressed - being a corpse is next

Make a mistake a blade'll take ya life away

Leave you decayed inside a lake and break your neck down to your spinal blade

The gore shit I kick is sick cause I'm a bitter kid

I'll stick and vic you bitch

RIP you to pieces - pick you out a ditch

Go devour dick you coward

Catch a thousand hits around your skull

You won't get yourself know it bitin our shit

Niggas know who did it - kid you did it

Kickin it like you bit it - you never lived it

Kick in his head til it splitted

Open and liquid soakin a hemoglobin ocean

You're a victim, you're no one

I see him scopin - I choke him


Eller kanske MTV-hiten "I Need Drugs".


When I come home from work

I’m fiendin’ for an eight-ball

I got crack on my mind

I’m hearing cocaine call

Telling me to beep the dealer to deliver me stuff

Keep it a secret from my wife, cuz she thinks I don’t use drugs

There I was, bleeding from my nose and damn

I couldn’t breathe but I’m still thinking about the next gram

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