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Poker player immigration


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Hi, guys. I have a very complicated question for your community and ask for your help. I’m a professional poker player. Before this year I lived in Ukraine. But when the war started, I moved to Europe. Since my childhood, I was in love with Scandinavian countries, and last several years I often visited Sweden, Norway and Denmark. I like Sweden most of all and now I’m searching for possible ways to move to Sweden for living. So I have a question, are there any possible variants to moving to Sweden as a poker player and getting a residence permit? I know that poker players can move to Canada in a legal way, they just need to register as self-employed persons with a special form for poker players. Maybe you know something similar in Sweden. I really hope for your help because the war has changed my life, I have no home anymore and should start life in a new country from the very beginning. I want to make the right choice and life in Sweden seems the right choice for me and my family. Also, Sweden is loyal to poker players and I like the fact it’s clear and regulated. I’ve made some research about taxes for poker players and a 30% tax for poker income seems perfect for our profession. So I hope I can move, pay taxes and live a normal life. Thanks to everyone who will answer me!

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One good news, and one bad. Which one do you want to hear first?

Good: Poker is tax free, as long as you play on the regulated sites under the Swedish license (and a few other exceptions)

Bad: You will not get a residence permit as a poker player. But you say that you lived in Ukraine - are you Ukrainian or other nationality? If you are Ukrainian, you will get a temporary stay visa here as long as the war lasts.


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