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Många PokerStars-konton hackade

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Läs här: http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/29/news-views-gossip/many-pokerstars-accounts-hacked-recently-stars-accepts-no-liability-1518891/


-On 8:43 (CET Timezone) the hacker enters my PS account with a foreign IP address from Poland, a country I have never played from before.


-Makes a deposit of $10 into my account using a different Neteller account, even though I have used my own Neteller account for OVER 5 YEARS.


-Makes 69 purchases from the PS Store , converting 1000 FPP's into $10 each time, even though I have not made any purchases from the PS Store in years, and no one in their right mind would convert 69,000 FPP's, as a bronze star, because you will lose a lot of value.


-He requests to raise the deposit limit and Pokerstars approves it, without even doing a quick check whether a foreign IP is being used.


-Then proceeded to make 22 deposits (a total of 900 EURO'S) with a credit card that I have never used, even though I have used the same credit card for years. Plus, I've barely made any deposits since being a member, though apparently 22 deposits with a different credit card by a foreign IP raises no alarms.


-He proceeds to throw money away on the tables on games I don't usually play, even though more than 95% of my hands are played on HU SNG.


-On 10:10 CET he cashes out $800 to his Neteller account.


Skaffa pinkod för extra säkerhet: https://www.pokerstars.eu/poker/room/features/security/pin/

RSA-token: https://www.pokerstars.eu/poker/room/features/security/rsa-token/

SMS-validation: https://www.pokerstars.eu/poker/room/features/security/smsvalidation/

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