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Brutalt stulet från 2+2

I was at the Rio during the past 48 hours and procured a copy of the dealer reference guide and took a good look around to see what's where. This guide is to give you all, fellow players, some help and knowledge going in, as there are some peculiarties (at the WSOP? Never!) and information that is very important to help make the poker-playing, especially tournament, experience go much more easily.


- First things first, the layout. The Amazon Room has been broken into 4 "quadrants", each one color-coded. Using the map here as guidance, the room is split as follows: NW corner is blue; the NE corner is green (and where the TV stage is set up); the SW corner is orange (and where the "media stands" are set up); the SE corner is red. The placards over the tables are in the color represented with a corresponding table number. A note, the red and orange placards look very similar in color.


- Now the buy-in receipt:




As you can see, the area color is on the ticket. Now, once you get to the table, you will need to provide the dealer two items: The dealer copy of the buy-in receipt, and photo ID. The dealers were instructed to call the floor over if a player doesn't have those two things. You must have your photo ID in order to play in the tournament. For those counting, that means you need a Total Rewards card at the cage to buy-in, then the photo ID itself at the table.


- With that done, the dealer will then hand out the chips to the player along with a wristband, which will need to be worn to get back into the Amazon Room when they do a spectator lockout (like when coming back from break).


- Back to the map, the other main areas being used are the Brasilia for cash games, 23 tables in the Tropical (sponsored by CardRunners) for satellites, and the Palma is a cage area where the tourney buy-ins and cash payouts are being processed.


- The poker kitchen is located out where the infamous tent was last year (exit west from the Amazon Room area). There's also a sushi/noodle spot that's been placed due east out of the corridor bordering Brasilia on the south. Pizza Hut and Krispy Kreme are a couple companies that will be selling food in the kitchen.


- Other tournament info...


...for color-ups, dealers are to ask two players to stay back to help verify everything is correct. Apparently not enough floor/time to have a floorman go from table-to-table to assist in the process, just to only collect the colored-up chips and help payout the player at the table who may have done all the chip-buying.


...for re-buy events, first things first, RBs may only be purchased using lammers (satellite chips), cash chips from any Harrah's property (Caesars, Rio, Paris, Ballys, Flamingo, IP, etc.), or Bellagio chips, and players must also provide the dealer their Total Rewards card for the RB. No cash can be used to re-buy.


I found out that if a player wants to RB but only has cash, the dealer has to call a floor over, who'll then watch over the table while the player has to run to the cage to get chips, and must return to the table before a full orbit is played, otherwise the player is busted out.


As to the Total Rewards card, the dealers have a sheet they will be using to write down everyone's Total Rewards # and keep track of how many re-buys each person at the table took. To avoid an even bigger cluster**** than there's potential for, the dealers dealing re-buy tournies won't be changing tables until the re-buy period is over, so its just one person keeping track of the table.


The RB themselves, 1 can be gotten when under the starting stack amount, 2 RB when felted. At the end of the re-buy period up to 2 add-ons will be allowed. Worst case scenario, if felted on last hand of re-buy period player can do 2RB+2AO.


- Single-table Satellites will take place in their very own sponsored by CardRunners room, and it has a cage of its own inside the room. Buying into a sat will need to be done at this cage. Seats at the sat tables are assigned through the cage computer system (no picking Ace through 10 of Spades for seats).


- Cash games...


...to eliminate people plopping down into open seats like it was done the past couple years, the dealers at the cash game tables will have seat cards (like used in tournaments) and when a seat opens up, the floor is to go get the card and then call the list for the game. New player will get the card to bring to the table.


...no time pots at all, straight time collection


...Mississippi Straddle is allowed


...and for 3-handed games of Chinese, they want the 4th stack mucked instead of going to the button. No way that lasts.


That's it for now. If anyone's got a question I'll try to find an answer. I just figured people need to know what to expect going in (especially with the tournaments) and hope all this helps.

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Vad är egentligen ett "Total Reward Card"?


För att tala klarspråk;

Räcker det om man har pengar och ett giltigt pass för att få lira?


Ett sådant där "casino-plastkort som visar att du är medlem i casinots klubb". Det får du på plats.


Så: ja, peng, pass och du fixar det där kortet på plats

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  • 3 weeks later...
...for re-buy events, first things first, RBs may only be purchased using lammers (satellite chips), cash chips from any Harrah's property (Caesars, Rio, Paris, Ballys, Flamingo, IP, etc.), or Bellagio chips, and players must also provide the dealer their Total Rewards card for the RB.


Jag antar att det betyder att man även kan köpa in i turneringarna med exempelvis marker från Caesar's eller Bellagio?


(Vore konstigt om det bara är rebuys man kan göra med dessa. :-))

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