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Hejsan vann en satelit till 3100$ tunering till APPT, men jag är så dum så jag läste inte reglerna innan jag trodde man kunde sälja platsen om man vann den. och jag kan inte åka. Under några omständigheter. Så jag är helt enkelt körd?


Hello Jonas, I appreciate your situation, but once again, I must refer you to our policies which are clearly stated on the link I provided: For our EPT, APPT and WPT satellites, our seat transfer and sale policy is as follows: 1) The first seat you win into a land-based events must be played by the person whose real name is on the PokerStars account. This seat is non-transferrable and cannot be sold to another player. 2) If you are fortunate enough to win two identical seats to the same event (i.e. two seats in the London EPT land-based event), the second seat will be awarded to your PokerStars account as W$. W$ are special PokerStars dollars that may be used on the site to enter other W$-based satellites (basically, any EPT, WPT, WSOP or WCOOP satellite on PokerStars, and any WCOOP main event). 3) W$ may be sold to other players, but W$ have no value outside PokerStars. W$ may not be used for direct entry to the EPT or WPT land-based events. Other than the WCOOP main events, the largest PokerStars events for which W$ may be used are $650 satellites to the WPT and EPT events. Thus, if you win two Monte Carlo $15,000 seats and are consequently awarded W$15,000 that you wish to sell, you will likely have to conduct multiple smaller sales instead of one large one. I am sorry, but if you could not play in the event, you should not have tried to win an entry. Again, we hope that you can make arrangements, as we cannot make an exception to this policy. Regards, RandyPokerStars Support Team

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