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David Sklanskys förkärlek för mycket unga kvinnor/flickor!


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Det fanns en numera raderad tråd på 2+2 där D.S skrev diverse bisarra saker om strippor och sin fäbless för extremt unga tjejer. Han redogör bla för hur en 16-årig tjej på rymmen fick bo hos honom. Dock fick han vissa problem med att förklara omständigheterna när farbror polisen kom och knackade på hos honom...


Hans nuvarande extremt unga flickvän har dessutom en bisarr hemsida på Myspace som det länkas till i tråden.


Tråden är som sagt raderad men finns kopierad i bifogad tråd på ett annat forum. Ed Miller skriver dessutom varför han och D.S inte pratar med varandra längre.


Tråden är en blick in i "bizarro world"...





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vilken sjuk jävel


My spacesidorna är de rörigast som jag någonsin sett. Hon ser ju inte direkt ut som 58 om man säger så. Och layouten. Finner inte ord...


flickvännen: http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=62376229


Sklanskys my space sida: http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=68719191

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Citat 1 Ed Miller:


"The Myspace pages are real. As of July (I haven't talked to David since) she was his girlfriend and was living at his house. I've met her in person on several occasions.


I hope forum assholes don't humiliate her because she is a decent person and probably doesn't know how public David just made her. "



Citat 2 Ed Miller:


"I don't really know David all that well. Generally, he's a amiable enough guy to talk to. Mostly I just worked on the no limit book with him. I met the myspace girlfriend a few times, and I met a few ex's. I wouldn't really call him erratic, though I don't think this weekend's posts were out of character.


I am put off by what I've seen of David's behavior toward women.


I don't really want to talk about the details of why I was "thrown under the bus" (btw, I wouldn't call it that). Not because I want to hide them... I have a strong urge to tell the story... but because I'm done train wrecking at zoofags


The basic idea is that I quit the zoofags forum and quit doing some contract work for zoofags the company in July 2006. It coincided with a kerfluffle on the OOT forum where my wife, Elaine, was banished and aggressively ridiculed by some posters in that forum. I had for a while been planning to gradually disconnect from zoofags and move on to something else, but the event caused me to say, "Fuck it, I want this bullshit out of my life now."


Of course, people can't read my mind, so it was spun as, "Pushy wife forces pussy whipped husband to quit forum," which bears no resemblance to what actually happened behind the scenes. But I suppose it looked like that's what happened, and that's the zoofags spin on my quitting.


David decided to play on that spin in a post in the black hookers thread. He was listing women who brought down great men, and listed Albert Einstein, Arnold Snyder, and me. I hardly feel "brought down," since I'm much happier now than I was before I quit, but that's neither here nor there. (I don't feel like Snyder and I fit into Einstein's category either, but whatever.)


Considering I'd worked hard to bring his vision for a no limit book to print, and considering I'd never once posted anything bad about David, I felt it was an unprovoked cheap shot. In response, I drew a cartoon of David and posted it on my blog, but I took it down the next day because it was unprofessional of me, and I really just want to put this dramabomb bullshit behind me.


I assume the impetus for the cheap shot was my quitting in July 2006 and the aftermath of that decision. Frankly, I don't think that my decision to quit was any of David's business, and as far as I'm concerned, that stuff is (or should be) water under the bridge."

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Å andra sidan, hon ser ut att vara över 18 (fast det är väl 21 som gäller i USA...)


Jag har inget emot att två vuxna hänger ihop, trots stor åldersskillnad. Fan, man kollar ju sälv på 18-åringar. Nu är jag förvisso inte 56, men hyggligt "gubbig" ändå....


Men har hon Downs (vilket det verkar) så är hon inte 18 mentalt...

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oddsen är 2:7,5 för att det är så.

Hur kan oddsen vara 2:7,5? Antingen så är det väl 4:15 eller 1:3,75, det här blir bara OCD-provocerande mellanting.


intressant att hon är religiös med tanke på davids åsikter om religion

Jag tror iofs inte att han hookade up med henne för att få någon att diskutera med.

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