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[QUIZ] Phil Hellmuth Sees Poker Players as Animals. Which One Are You?

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When Phil Hellmuth sees a poker player, he sees an animal (according to his book Play Poker Like the Pros).

The specific animal he sees -- whether it be a mouse, an eagle, or something else -- is based on that player’s style.

Ready to find out which animal Phil thinks you are? Take this 10 question quiz and don't forget to share your animal at the end!


Jag blev lejon.

You’re a lion -- a tight-aggressive type. You bluff and make light plays sometimes, but you’re usually playing solid ranges, mainly showing aggression when you are betting for value.

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Congrats, you’re an eagle -- an advanced player. You have clearly put in the time away from the table to improve. Your strategy is tough, aggressive, and theoretically sound.

Yes asså! Inte dumt att få en stamp of approval från the GOAT!

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