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Poker i Japan

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I worldcasinonews.com hittade jag följande:


"In Japan, casinos located within integrated resorts (IRs) are reportedly likely to offer poker, according to Asia Gaming Brief citing a report in the Mainichi Shinbun newspaper.

Japanese authorities reportedly believe that the games that should be allowed in the coming casinos should consist of games of chance, such as slots, blackjack and roulette; games where the odds of winning and losing are mostly decided by chance.

Poker, on the other hand, is generally seen as a game of skill, one where the possibility of cheating or manipulation of the game in some way could occur. However, due to the popularity of the game and lucrative nature of tournament play, they are expected to begrudgingly allow it, according to the news outlet.

Even though the game would be allowed, it would still be regulated heavily. According to Asia Gaming Brief, somehow, acquaintances visiting the IR casinos will not be able to play at the same poker table or in the same area. Rules for poker will be created by the Casino Management Board, as soon as the board has been established, according to the news outlet.

News of the poker addition comes just a few weeks after the ruling coalition government of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe agreed on the final wording of the Integrated Resort Implementation Bill that will legalize casinos. The goal now will be to see the legislation passed by the House of Representatives before the June 20 deadline."


Det ska tydligen inte bli tillåtet för personer som känner varandra att sitta vid samma bord. Hur ska personalen veta vilka som känner varandra? Och hur gör man om det är ont om spelare? Då måste kanske vissa som känner varandra sitta tillsammans för att det ska bli spel. Har ni hört talas om något sådant tidigare?

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