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Fick nedan mail från ett av deras skinns. Har bara några slantar men frågan är om detta är en förändring som omfattar flera skinns. Har någon hört något liknande från andra källor?


"********** has for some time looked at switching poker provider since our existing poker network has not lived up to the standards ********** want to deliver to its customer. There are simply to few players in the poker room and the action is not good enough.


Yesterday **********'s software provider, IGT, announced they will shut down their poker operation on the 10th of December 2012 mainly due to poor liquidity.


Fortunately, ********** is well-prepared for this and will have everything finalized well in time with the new poker provider. The new network is one of the top networks in the business. More information about the new poker network will be released on a later date.


As of now you can continue playing as normal. Your funds are of course secure and will not be affected of this change.


When ********** moves to the new network there will be a new re-launch bonus and other great promotions.


This change will improve our customers' game experience significantly and have a positive impact on ********** - more action at the tables, better promotions and larger guarantee tournaments.


When ********** switches network your funds and account details will be transferred to the new network. You as a player will not need to do anything. The transfer will be seamless and smooth.


You will hear from us in the near future.


All the best and good luck at the tables!



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