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Ladbrokes Poker Cruise League


You and three friends could be Freerolling your way onto the Ladbrokes Poker Cruise III by forming a Cruise League Team and competing in the Ladbrokes Poker Cruise League which will run for 20 weeks from 7th May until 17th September.


Weekly Tournament


Each Monday at 20:35 GMT, Ladbrokes Poker will be hosting a $20 + $2 Cruise League Tournament, in which in addition to winning cash prizes, you can win points towards your teams Cruise League score. All buy-in’s will be distributed in that week’s prize pool.


By participating in our Cruise League promotion you and your friends could be in line for one of two great team prizes:


Team Prize 1 - Top Prize


After 20 weeks, the top team in the League will automatically win four $5,500 Cruise Ticket Packages. If any of the team members have already won a Cruise Ticket, they will receive a $5,500 cash alternative.


Team Prize 2 - Captains Challenge


On Sunday 23rd September, the captains of the team finishing in places 2 to 25 in the Cruise League will be invited to play in the Captains Challenge, in which the winner will win four $5,500 Cruise Ticket Packages for their team, with places 2 to 6 winning cash prizes for each member of their team. All team captains will start with equal chips.


Cruise League Teams


Each Cruise Team is limited to a maximum of four members with each team nominating their own captain. Players can only represent one Cruise Team.


Team Registration


To take part in the Cruise League you need to select a captain for your team, who will be responsible for registering their team and the team name.


Register your team by Friday 4th May to ensure you have the maximum opportunity to win League Points for your team. Team Registration will close on Friday 25th May.


Click here to register.


Cruise League Points


Each week, any points won by players finishing in the top 50 places will count towards a teams overall point tally and League position.


Cruise League Points will be awarded as follows:



Position Points


1 1,000

2 800

3 650

4 500

5 400

6 300

7 250

8 200

9 150

10 100

11-20 80

21-30 60

31-40 40

41-50 20



Except for the tournaments held in Week 10 (9th July) & Week 20 (17th Sept):


In Week 10 points will only be awarded to team captains. This means that the top placed captain (regardless of overall finishing place) will receive 1,000 points, the second placed captain (regardless of overall finishing place) will receive 800 points and so on.


In Week 20 All Top 50 finishers will receive double points, so first place will receive 2,000 points and so on down to 50th who will receive 40 points.


Cruise League Tables


Cruise League Tables will be updated by Wednesday each week, showing the overall and weekly performance for teams and individual players.


If captains have any queries regarding their teams league positions they should send their query to this address


Cruise League Prize Qualification


If your team is successful in winning a Team Prize, each team member must have played in a minimum of six Cruise League Tournaments to qualify for their prize.


For captains to qualify for an invitation to the Captains Challenge, they must have played in a minimum of ten Cruise League Tournaments.



Terms & Conditions - Ladbrokes Poker Cruise III League



1. The Promoter of this promotion is Ladbrokes International, PO Box 150, Europort, Gibraltar

2. All teams are required to have a minimum of two and a maximum of four players to take part in the Ladbrokes Poker Cruise League.

3. Guest Accounts are not allowed to register to participate in this promotion.

4. No substitutions may be made once a team has been registered.

5. Chip dumping will not be permitted. Ladbrokes will investigate any accusations of chip dumping. Any team found to have been chip dumping will be disqualified from the league.

6. By entering this promotion all team members agree to reasonable publicity, including betting markets around the event and media interviews and press releases.

7. In the event of a service crash or a disruption, the affected tournament will be rerun at the discretion of Ladbrokes. Ladbrokes will be the sole arbiter as to whether a tournament will be rerun.

8. Ladbrokes accepts no responsibility whatsoever for system or connection problems that might affect any player during any of these tournaments, such as a fold / timeout, or disconnects as per the general rules of the Ladbrokes Poker service. If the any tournament is disrupted by system or network issues, Ladbrokes reserves the right to resolve the issue as it sees fit.

9. Ladbrokes reserves the right to refuse this offer to any player or to withdraw this / or part of this offer / promotion at any time.

10. Ladbrokes reserves the right to amend the tournament rules at any time.

11. Ladbrokes Tournament rules apply

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