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Hej jag fick idag i samband med en utbetalning detta mail.




Your cashout request is pending verification as you have registered a credit card that does not belong to you.


Please send us a copy of a government-issued photo ID (e.g. driver's license or passport), as a proof of identity for us to re-activate your account and process the cash out.


You may email your document(s) as a scanned file or digital photo to efax@pay-pro.com. We accept files in .jpeg, .bmp and .tif formats.


Alternatively, you may also fax the document(s) requested to: +1 (888) 542-7009 (toll free for US/Canadian customers) or +44 125 858 0582 (international rates apply).


Please make sure that your account name is written clearly on the fax sheet and that the faxed copy is light and all required information is legible.


We assure you that your documents will be held in a secure database, to be viewed only by a specialist team. We will never pass or sell your documents to any third party


We also request that you fund your account using only your own financial information in future.


Credit Team




+1 (866) 593-7792 (Toll free for US and Canada only)


+350 41003 (International rates apply)






Jag har använt samma visa kort som jag alltid använt. Är det säkert att skicka in en bild på IDt?

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