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  1. This new game on PS is growing day by day, i think it need to be a part of all poker stars events ( online and live).
  2. Enligt Skatteverkets ställningstagande, dnr 338428-12/111 , är vinst vid spel av poker skattepliktig inkomst av kapital, om spelet är anordnat utanför EES. Den beskattningsbara vinsten ska bestämmas till nettoinkomsten för allt pokerspel under året som tillhandahålls av en och samma spelanordnare. Detta gäller oavsett om spel sker över Internet eller vid livespel. Under one year, Wynn casino in Las Vegas or any other casino in Las Vegas arrange more than one poker tournaments series. Let us say that i played in March 2012 three tournaments in Wynn casino as follows :- 300 $ and i cash 5000 $ 500 $ and no cash 2200 $ and no cash And in jun 2012 i played in the same casino 1000 $ and no cash 1000 $ and no cash That means, the net result for the five tournaments that i played in Wynn casino under 2012 was 0. What will be my tax situation in this case according to the paragraph above?
  3. i choose to close my account for six months on 10-May-2012, and i need for 8 more days to be able to activate it on 6-Nov-2012, can you please see if there is any possibilities to activate my account today so i can participate in SM-POKER. Thank you
  4. Which hotel is good to book in malta, one near the casino
  5. Hej, I think this year will notice large Swedish participate in WSOP, so why the coverage is only the main event and the million one, many Swedish players will play the 1500 $,2500$ in addition to the main event, Off course any coverage for the small event will be interisting also, farthermore the coverage from Poker.se will be like supporting for the Swedish players.
  6. Hej; I will be there from 31/5 to 21/6 (may be longer If i win ) First three days i will be in Imperial palace (Free of charge ), the rest i will stay in Rio Playing only OMAHA Hi-Lo , the first one will be 1/6/2012, 1500 $ Omaha Hi-Lo (WSOP). Other tournements in the same time Venetian Deep stack Golden Nuggets (poker series), and all are about 100-230 $. Caesars Palace Mega stack 2012. Binion's Poker classic. Wynn Summer Classic.
  7. Ett tips är att spela venetian deepstacks som i år kommer spelas på palazzo tror ja. Link to Venetian Deepstacks http://www.allvegaspoker.com/events_detail_43.html
  8. which time it the best to fill the application , i.e there in wsop after you win, or now? if there are they going to help you to fill it or not ? After you fill it can you get you winnings directly or you should wait until you get the numbet? Tack
  9. Jag är där mellan 31 Maj - 20 juni (jag besök san diego minst en vecka), Jag vet inte men har du en förslag för hotel?
  10. My plan is to be in Vegas 31 May 2012, to play OMAHA HI-LO 1500 $ (limit), wondering if there is any on will go to Vegas the same time. This is the first time so i need some one or grupp to go with.
  11. tach så mycket, Kan man välja att ha en del som kontant/casino chips och en del som bank transfer?
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