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Artikel: Insider Cheating Allegations Resurface in Kahnawake


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Here goes:


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Insider Cheating Allegations Resurface in Kahnawake 10 March 2008


Following complaints from players, UltimateBet has confirmed that it has found evidence of ‘abnormal’ playing activity at its online poker site.


UltimateBet and its licensing authority, the Kahnawake Gaming Commission (KGC), were alerted on January 12th to allegations that a player with the online handle “NioNio” exhibited abnormally high winning statistics, resulting in accusations that the player had an unfair advantage during play.


The allegations also included reports of suspicious activity concerning the deletion of the NioNio account and other accounts that may have been related to the cheating.


UltimateBet says it immediately called in an independent third-party expert to review “hundreds of thousands of hand histories, all of which were promptly locked down and made available to the expert”.


The company went on to say: “The initial findings of our third-party expert confirm that the NioNio account’s winning statistics were indeed abnormal, and we have expanded the investigation to look into whether an unfair advantage existed, how such a scheme might have been perpetrated, and whether additional accounts beyond those of NioNio were involved.


“The investigation has proven to be extremely complex and, therefore, has been more extensive and taken much longer than initially expected. We continue to aggressively pursue the matter and will communicate the findings of our full investigation to our regulatory authority and to our customer base as soon as practicable.”


UltimateBet is owned by Tokwiro Enterprises enrg. and headed by the former Grand Chief of the Mohawk Territory of Kahnawake, Jo Norton. The company also owns AbsolutePoker.


Earlier this year the KGC fined AbsolutePoker $500,000 following an investigation into similar cheating allegations. In that case, the perpetrator(s) were found to have used a ‘backdoor’ in the poker software which enabled them to view other players ‘hole cards’.


The fact that Tokwiro Enterprises is again at the centre of cheating allegations will come as a significant blow to the company as well as the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, who’s investigation of AbsolutePoker was labelled a whitewash due to its lack of detail and limited financial penalty.


If these latest allegations are substantiated, the KGC will have little option but to impose a significant enough penalty to deter such activity in the future and to maintain its authority as a credible licensing jurisdiction.




Jag råder alla som spelar på siter som har spellicens från Kahnawake att kontakta dem och kräva att de förklarar varför de väljer att stanna kvar hos en aktör som uppenbarligen har fingret med i både Aboslut Poker skandalen och nu Ultimate Bet.


Fridens liljor!

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