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Poker in Olympic Casinos - Tallinn, Estonia


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Dear poker players,


There have been many questions about tournaments in Tallinn. You're all very welcome to Tallinn and here I try to answer you all about the tournament schedule.


We have daily tournaments beginning all weekdays at 19:00 and Sat-Sun at 18:00.


schedule is mostly very similar week by week:


Monday: 220 EEK NL Texas/ PL Omaha dealer's choice (2 rebuys anytime)

Tuesday: Usually 440 or 550 EEK No Limit Texas with different variations of rebuys or freezeout.

Wednesday: 330 EEK No Limit Texas unlimited rebuys

Thursday: Crazy Pineapple, Omaha Hi/Lo or other differen tournaments.

Friday: Usually Pot Limit Omaha 1100 EEK freezeout, or other a bit higher stakes Texas Hold'em tournaments.

Saturday: 330 EEK Pot Limit Texas (2 rebuys)

Sunday: 110 EEK Dealers Choice (2 rebuys anytime)


The tournament schedule is usually published app. 1,5-2 weeks before the next month.


Tournament tickets can be bought from casino cash desk. Usually the tournaments are not sold out, except Sunday tournaments. For all special events pre-payments are available to quarantee a seat.


Next upcoming special event is Olympic Summer Festival, beginning in Tallinn on 7th August and having 360 EUR No Limit Texas as main event 10.-11.08.2007. Registration and information summerfestival@oc.eu.


Cash games are running almost every evening (due to players request). Most popular cash games are "Dealer's choice" or "NL Texas/ PL Omaha dealer's choice". If you expect any other game to be opened, then just turn to poker supervisor to set up a waiting list for your requested game. blinds are mostly either 10/20, 25/25 or 25/50 EEK. Cash game rake is 1-2%, which suppose to be more than friendly for players.


Please ask me about hotel availability and special price offers for poker players. My e-mail: priit.pajumaa@oc.eu


Age limit to enter to casino in Estonia is 21.


Best regards,


Priit Pajumaa

Poker manager

Olympic Entertainment Group AS


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