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(06:02:09): Please wait... contacting available host.

(06:02:09): Player 'Warelse' joined chat.

(06:02:12): Host 'Host-Taran' joined chat.

Warelse (06:02:17): helo

Host-Taran (06:02:18): Hi, welcome to our poker room. How can I help you?

Warelse (06:03:13): I talket to you yesterday and you said that my account was readdy for telgrafiphic transfer but it got rejected again due to missing swiftcode and BIC code

Host-Taran (06:04:11): Ok one moment and i'll check on the chat you had yesterday

Host-Taran (06:04:13): Please

Warelse (06:04:27): maybe something is wrong with the BIC code this time?.... I still cant see my SWIFT code though in my cash out section

Host-Taran (06:04:58): OK yes can i have the code ?

Warelse (06:05:37): SWEDSESS is the swift code

Host-Taran (06:05:44): One moment please

Host-Taran (06:07:58): OK what is teh error when you do the cash-out ?

Warelse (06:08:51): no error but then I recieve this mail

Warelse (06:08:54): I regret to inform you that your withdrawal request has been rejected and the funds have been returned to your poker account.

Warelse (06:09:06): Please provide us with the following information which you can get from your bank so we can process future cashouts:

Host-Taran (06:09:18): OK and when was the cash-out made ?

Warelse (06:09:28): IBAN number: Swift/Bic code:

Warelse (06:09:57): this cashout was made yesterday right after the chat with you

Host-Taran (06:10:11): One moment please

Host-Taran (06:13:56): Ok can i have your Branch number ?

Warelse (06:14:24): branch number?.. what is that

Host-Taran (06:15:32): You will have to check that with your bank the paymeny could not be done because your bank ac details -your branch number is not there

Host-Taran (06:15:53): We will be needing the number to do the cash-out

Warelse (06:15:56): I know all details of my bank account..

Host-Taran (06:16:14): Ok can i have the branch number please ?

Warelse (06:16:45): is it the same as iban?

Host-Taran (06:17:44): One moment

Warelse (06:17:52): or is it the same as clearing number?

Warelse (06:18:20): all they said they neede in the email was the IBAN and SWIFTCODE

Warelse (06:18:47): my iban is xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Host-Taran (06:19:31): One moment please

Host-Taran (06:21:13): Are you sure that SWEDESS is the right swift code ?

Warelse (06:21:30): no sorry SWEDSESS

Warelse (06:22:02): I never said swedess?

Host-Taran (06:22:16): Ok that's not swift code ,swift code must be with numbers and letters

Warelse (06:23:33): no... the swiftcode is only letters and they are SWEDSESS

Host-Taran (06:23:37): Can you check again your swift code it should be in numbers+letters

Host-Taran (06:23:45): No it's not

Warelse (06:24:20): the iban number is both letters and numbers they are xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Host-Taran (06:24:45): i dont need your IBAN number but your swift code only

Host-Taran (06:25:01): It's the same for swift code

Warelse (06:26:37): why did you ask if my swift was SWEDESS... it is missing one letter... it should be SWEDSESS... And no it is no numbers in a swiftcode. not for any bank

Host-Taran (06:27:01): One moment please

Host-Taran (06:30:30): Yes that the one we have but it's not the right one and that's the reason why you cash-out was cancel

Warelse (06:31:15): ok are you sure you dont have the one where is says swedess... and missing one letter?

Host-Taran (06:31:17): can check again with your bank please

Warelse (06:32:28): check what?... I have dont this 100 of times... it is and has always been SWEDSESS... it has not changed and I see it right now on thiere homepage.. it is the largest bank in sweden

Host-Taran (06:32:53): Sorry

Host-Taran (06:33:13): One moment please

Warelse (06:34:03): so what shall I do?... there is no more info I can give than the swiftcode and iban..... also that all the information they asked for in the email.

Host-Taran (06:35:00): Ok ,the details will be passed to the accoutns department to check

Host-Taran (06:35:12): and they will look after this

Warelse (06:35:38): ok

Host-Taran (06:35:42): So can you try to do the cash-out after 48-72hours

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