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  1. Hej hej everybody, my name is Felix. I am originally tysk but have lived in småland for a while and moved up to Storuman recently. I have picked up playing Poker again after a good while off and just discovered how much of a fish i have been after finally having a look at all the basic information, tutorials, reviews and Streams out there. So, my learning curve has been pretty steep this past weeks. I am playing micro Tourneys at Pokerstars right now to see how far i can get building a modest Bankroll. I love Cashgames but seem to suck at them really bad....so i`ll postpone that until i actually have a shot. I`d like to get in contact with more advanced players since i feel like i have finally left the Fish zone...might be terribly wrong though. Maybe even find players from around the Area if possible, since i have no friends who also play poker to discuss plays and strategies with. So far my introduction. I`ll be happy to hear from any of you. On another note, diving right into it: I have seen "incomplete all-ins" or however you wanna call them a few times now. I am relatively aware of what the rules are regarding these situations but not exactly on what the strategy behind this move is and when exactly to execute it. My guess: It is a move to make other players have to call and see a flop when they really want to just move all-in thus rather encouraging them to fold so i face less players going all-in, which my original move is. Is that statement correct or far off? Also if anyone has a good example of this kind of situation i`d be really thankful... So far, so good. Thanks for any reactions. All the best Felix.
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