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Highstakes railtråd - läs inlägg 1 innan ni postar

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El Djebena hade bra spring ikväll/natt mot Allinanna på Svs klienten. 200/400 PLO Tror El Djebena köpte in med 16k och 1 timma senare satt han med ca 300k vid bordet. Allinanna fick nog, klev frå

600k-stacken på 100/200 mot Salle!

Ny intervju med Thuritz för er som missat:   

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Fråga Viktor, del två:



in your opinion who is the best NLH and PLO player online just now?

VB: NL is Saniker for the moment and PLO it’s Galfond for sure.

can u make FTP to restore the 500/1000 NLHE ring game tables and try to start some deep uncapped games? or some 500/1000 PLO HU

VB: I will once I get the bankroll for it ;)

Biggest “aha-moment” so far in poker, when it comes to learning?

VB: When I played low stakes SNGs I learned quickly how much aggression was worth in a game. High blinds meant I could shove every hand and others never seemed to get that back then. One Russian guy was more aggressive than me, and he was the biggest winner at the time.

do u miss the time when u were playing 6+ tables of 500/1000 PLO HU instead of these capped plo or fixed limit games nowadays?

VB: Yea for sure I do, but they’ll be back again one day.


Utelämnar (amerikanska?) idioterna som frågar hur han fick pengar 2008/2009 och om "ryktena" om vinster på Euro-sajter är sanna.

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Dwan och Thuritz har det trevligt i Macau!


Plaques: Gula 500K HKD(~460k skr typ), orangea 100K hkd.


Inte onlinepoker som tråden ligger i men tror inte det är värt att dra upp en ny tråd.


coolt att det ligger två millar och skräpar lite nonchalant på bordet där. :)

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Utklippt från highstakesdb


The big cash game in Macau has drawn a lot of attention in the poker world, but the players who play in the game, have not been too eager to share their stories lately. However, that changed yesterday when one of the players, Tom Hall, updated the situation on 2+2.


Hall told, that the big cash game has been running almost non-stop for over three years now, expect when some of the players are overseas at a high stakes event elsewhere.


"The atmosphere is still friendly and funny around the table. Saw some pretty sick river bluffs with river bets of US$700-800k going in which were treated with much amusement at the expense of the folding player.", Hall describes the game.


The stakes have continued to be high as well. According to Hall, when he was playing, there was a whopping US$20m of chips on the table and the blinds were US$4K/US$8K.


"They had been playing as high as US$12.5K/25K earlier in the sessions. Wasn’t a game I was keen to join with even the smallest stack sitting with US$1m in front of him. ", Hall writes.


Hall also revealed, that the largest pot he saw at the table, was a HK$40m (US$5.1m) pot. That pot ended in a chop with both unknown players holding A-10.


At the end of his post, Hall posted a picture from the game, which you can see from below:http://www.highstakesdb.com/images/players/20140302084243.gif

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mjukisarna på halls bild=). "Skall spela ett spel med varians på flera miljoner dollar på casinot, bäst jag bär mina favvomjukisar så jag är bekvämare."


Antar 3 år hängades vid samma spel utan att knappt duscha mellan gångerna gör så med en, kan ju inte direkt vara en shottaker kan jag tycka.

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jungleman12: i cant describe how annoying it is to lose tyou viktor

Dealer: *** FIRST DRAW ***

Dealer: jungleman12 discards 1 card

Dealer: Isildur1 has 15 seconds left to act

Dealer: Isildur1 discards 4 cards

Isildur1: 2 pair

Isildur1: biatch

Dealer: Isildur1 has 15 seconds left to act

jungleman12: scum

Dealer: *** SECOND DRAW ***

Dealer: jungleman12 discards 1 card

Dealer: Isildur1 discards 2 cards

PokerZones (Observer): lol

Isildur1: too easy

Dealer: *** THIRD DRAW ***

Dealer: jungleman12 discards 1 card

Isildur1: eat this

Dealer: Isildur1 stands pat

Isildur1: ty

Dealer: Isildur1 shows 9,8,5,3,2

Dealer: Isildur1 wins the pot ($27,999) with 9,8,5,3,2

Dealer: Hand #34011224468

Isildur1: u suck

Isildur1: easy money

jungleman12: pay your debt scumbag

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